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Always a student, living in gratitude, sober, mom of four, triplet mom, athlete, manifesting positive things in my life. 


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Highly motivated, self-directed and entrepreneurial marketing expert with more than a decade of experience creating, developing and implementing marketing and growth strategies to grow businesses through multi-media marketing, social media, promotional materials, community partners, public service announcements and videos.

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Embrace Your Body 

Embrace Your Body and celebrate our life journeys through photography. We have photographed  women telling their stories in hopes of inspiring others. Let's embrace who we are -- every scar, drip of sweat and laugh line is our body's road map telling the beautiful story of where we have been.

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2017 Gallery Photos 
2016 Event Photos  
2016 Gallery Photos 

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Release Your Inhibitions: Lantern Release  

Gather at dusk with us so we can release a Reveal Lantern into the sky together.
Be moved as you watch hundreds of these lanterns released into the sky taking with them our messages
We encourage you to write or decorate your lantern however you wish. Write something that inspires you, something you are ready to let go or or something you'd like to reveal about yourself.

2015 Event Photos 


Girls: EYB

Girl event providing self-esteem and body positive programming for girls of all ages. The event includes group activities focusing on self love, positive body image, empathy towards others.


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2016 Event Photos 

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Dancing Angels Butterfly Release: In Memory of a Loved One

Join us for this special event where we will come together to celebrate the lives of the loved ones we have lost. Watch as these dancing angels remind us about the beauty of life. Create a lasting keepsake in memory of your loved one. Event will feature storytellers, memory keepsake activities, children's crafts and LIVE music. 

2017 Event Photos 

2016 Event Photos 


Girl Talk 

Project Reveal and The Women's Hospital, in collaboration with Youth First, have partnered to offer Girl Talk to preteen and teenage girls and their parents/guardians. Presenters will include OB/GYN physicians, psychologists, social workers and community members who are excited to share their stories with you!

2017 Event Photos 

2016 Event Photos 


Before I Die Wall  

Before I die I want to_______. Project Reveal brought this global movement to Evansville. This participatory public art project invites people to share their personal aspirations in public with the hope that by revealing the community's longings, anxieties, joys and struggles, this wall will help explore how public space can cultivate self-examination and empathy among neighbors. 

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